Diton Inc. is a United States based supplier dedicated to provide high quality and varied coconut coir-based products to its customers in the US.  Products are primarily sourced from the southern part of India known for the world's best coconuts.  We operate on the 3 key principles of Top Quality, Best Price and Timely Delivery to fully satisfy every request. 
Our Primary Line of Products Include:
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Coir Coco Peat is produced from coconut husk processing and is 100% natural. It makes an excellent soil amendment, growing medium for hydroponics, container plants and soil mixes.
Our Coir Coco Peat Block is OMRI Listed. Coir is of premium quality, washed, neutral pH, low in salts. 
Coir is shipped as compressed 11 lbs. (5 kg) blocks. Typical yield after rehydration  and expansion is about 2.5 cubic feet of coir (per block). Sample Coir Block available on request.
"We are committed to complete and total customer satisfaction"

At Diton we have a Customer Centric Model to provide top quality and wide range of coir products at the best price.  We work with trusted manufacturers who value delivery commitments. We do complete hand-holding from inquiry through order fulfillment and ensure total customer satisfaction.
Coir Mix : Mix of Coir, Husk Chips and/or Coconut Fiber in various proportions.

Fiber Mix
: Predominantly Coconut Fiber mixed with a small portion of Coir and Husk Chips.

These are custom blends and made as per requirements.

Available in Blocks, Bricks, Growbags, Loose.
Loose coir is coir that is slightly compressed into a 50 Pound bale. It expands to over 6 cubic feet when hydrated.

Washed coir has low salts, balanced neutral pH and 100% natural.

Excellent soil amendment and growing medium for raised garden beds, seed starting.
Coir Growbags - The high-quality Growbag available in various sizes and with different mixes.

Grow Cubes - Covered in a non-woven cloth helps with maintaining shape and growth

Coir Discs
- Available in various sizes. Expands on hydration. Great for filling small pots or seed starting.

Coir fiber is renewable natural material extracted from coconut husk.

Coir fibers help increase air porosity in growing medium and improves water retention and release to the plant.

Available in Brown and White
Made from mature coconut husk (shell) pieces. 100% natural.  It absorbs water, retains and releases over time. Great aeration, excellent drainage. Low in salts.

Available in Small, Medium Chip Sizes. Mixes well with growing medium (like coir) and soil.

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