Diton Inc. is a United States based company dedicated to provide high quality and varied coconut coir-based products to its customers in the US.  The coir products are primarily sourced from southern part of India where the world's best coconuts are grown.

Our primary line of product includes Coir Coco Peat blocks, Coir Grow Pots, Grow Bags, Grow Cubes, Coir Husk Chips blocks, Coconut Fiber, Coir and Fiber Mix, and Loose Coir. Coir is washed multiple times with fresh water to reduce salts, very clean, great quality and economically priced and supplied as per customer requirements and shipping needs.  Our Coir Coco Peat, Husk Chips and Coconut Fiber are OMRI Listed.
Product samples available for review.  Please call or email.
At Diton, we have a "Customer Centric Model" to provide top quality and wide range of Coir products at the best price.
Customer Centric Model
We operate on the 3 key principles of Top Quality, Best Price and Timely Delivery to fully satisfy every customer request.
Top Quality:   Our Coir based products go through stringent quality checks at different stages of manufacturing process to ensures the end products meets and exceeds your mandated quality needs.  For additional quality control details look-up our quality checks section.

Best Price: We work with you to understand the requirements, scope, specifications, quality needs, and delivery timelines to provide the best price.
"We are committed to complete and total customer satisfaction"

At Diton Inc. we have a Customer Centric Model to provide premium quality and wide range of coir products at the best price and timely delivery.
We do complete hand-holding from inquiry through order fulfillment and ensure total customer satisfaction.
Timely Delivery:  We work with you and keep you informed of the status of delivery at various stages and ensure timely delivery.  We work with topnotch international logistic firms to ensure we have full transparency on the transportation logistics. We do the complete end- to-end process from inquiry through order fulfillment stage and ensure total customer satisfaction.
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